They’re Real! Researchers Find Mexican Aliens To Be ‘Biological’ And Not Human-Made

See! I told you all! Aliens are real!

Doctors in Mexico have found “no evidence of any assembly or manipulation of the skulls” of the “non-human being” remains that were revealed last week to the Mexican congress — appearing to prove that the remains are not human-made, and in fact, alien, according to the New York Post.

Numerous tests were conducted by scientists on the two specimens Monday at the Noor Clinic, with Jaime Maussan’s YouTube channel live streaming the whole procedure.

In conclusion, José Zalce Benitez, who is the director of the Health Sciences Research Institute in the secretary of the Mexican Navy’s office, stated that the studies provided evidence that the alleged aliens were not assembled with human objects and belonged to a single skeleton.

Benitez also said that the team of researchers found that one “was alive, was intact, was biological and was in gestation,” suggesting that eggs could be inside of the alleged extra terrestrial’s abdomen as he was pointing to large lumps.


If you don’t believe in aliens at this point, I don’t know what to tell you.

I mean, come on, man. We’ve arrived at a time where aliens (alleged, of course) are now being presented to a nation’s congress, and then on top of that, those aliens are then proven to be non-human — meaning they’re alien, at least to us, which makes them aliens! So in other words, aliens are real! (RELATED: Mexican Scientists Reveal ‘Alien Mummies’ At Congressional Hearing, And The Whole Thing Is Insane)

I told you! I told you! I freakin’ told you!